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Party Info

We do basically any type of party – holiday parties, birthday, graduation, retirement etc.

Even parties where you want to sell stuff like Scentsy, Tastefully Simple, Norwex, Purse parties, Jewelry parties etc.

These parties to sell stuff we recommend doing on Sat afternoons 1pm – 5pm or 2pm – 5pm etc.

You can bring in fliers about stuff you are selling to hang up here to promote it before the party

Birthday Party – bring at least 8 -10 friends and birthday person drinks FREE

For ALL parties you can bring decorations, cake, snacks etc.

Party Drink specials –

$10 All You Can Drink can beer or rail drinks for 3 hours per person in the party group.

To book your party today call 262-694-8860 or email info@sullivansplace.com